Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Make contact with the true you....

Reaching out for the real you....

If you are anything like me, and I am pretty sure you have been at some point,
then you will have, at least once in your life not been able to stop your internal voice.

What do I mean by that?

have you allowed that little voice to take over and control you and bring you down the wrong path or take you in circles? Rather then you taking control, reaching out to your true mind and directing your own future?
Have you bought in to this pattern of letting whoever that voice is, real or imaginary, yourself or someone else, talk you out of what you felt was your true gut feeling?
Has it ever felt like a con? Have you had moments for example on the phone or sending a message where you were tact-less or thought someone else was unjustly?
Do you ring your parents often or don't because your little voice is blabbing in your ear about the past?

If like me, you have done this, then you might be interested to know, there is a way to just shut it up or at least turn down the volume on it! Or even make it just makes you laugh!
Does that not sound like a good idea...

Have a look at this for some more info on the subject....

Imagine a life where you instead make the decision to take back control of the steering wheel and you decide to steer it down a path towards a life of peace, happiness and joy. Sounds good yea!
You are here now for a reason, you have read the above and concurred with some... if not all of above, so by now you know there is a possibility of change and reaching that decisiveness you may strive for.
If you want a life full of you being in control, following your true path, meaningful contact, meaning and purpose then you now know what you could start by doing.....

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