Friday, 5 October 2012

Autopilot, extict or......alive?

Einstein said that  
'If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe 
then man would have only four years left of life.'
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My wonder is....are many of us actually truly 'living' as it is?
Or........simply surviving.
Fighting a loosing battle and the daily grind to keep us from extinction for another day.
Avoiding the inevitable, that is already happening if we dare look.
Or... maybe... already happened.

I don't mean to sound glum here! I am simply explaining what I see on a daily basis.
Like drones or something out of a sci-fi movie, we pile into buses and trains or sit bleary eyed staring blankly out over a car steering wheel. We tiredly plod the crowded streets on a mission to our jobs, many of us looking as though we are walking the plank to our watery grave.
 Is that truly living?? 
How many times have you been awakened from your daytime sleep walking by a friend or colleague startling you back to the 'real' world? Where were you just before that moment? 
Probably floating off lazily somewhere else, thinking of the past or a possible future.
What if you were present more often?
How would that affect you?
Do it now and see.
Concentrate fully on this moment, reading this. Keeping the focus on NOW, the PRESENT.
How do you feel right now, while you concentrate on YOU.
I am betting you feel MORE ALERT then you did a few seconds ago. MORE AWAKE.

That's because you are here now, your mind is here, connected with your body, not wandering off somewhere else, leaving your sluggish body to thump around the place on Autopilot, without a real presence in control.
That is living in the present.
That is LIVING (-:

This way us humans will not become extinct before our body's actually do!
And you never know then what might happen,
with our minds on board the ship, what we are actually capable of....

Enjoy the trip of your life,
Danielle x  
NLP Licensed Practitioner and Life Coach.
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