Sunday, 2 December 2012

The first 'step' on your journey...

How do you know HOW to take the first step?..
Sometimes our goals and aspirations seem so far away and daunting that we end up never actually getting started. It all just seems too much...too distant...too impossible.

Focusing on your goals, is of course, a very rewarding and pragmatic exercise, as I have said many times. If you don't know your end destination then how do you plan to get there?

Here is more on this...

For now let's re-read the previous sentence.
If you don't know your end destination then.... 
how do you PLAN to get there??

And planning can be a lot easier then you think.
Break it into chunks, one step at a time.....
To get to x ....I need to do Y first ....and so on.

I grew up in Rome and as a little girl the Starlings above my head, swooped and swayed in a magnificent wave above my head, as I giggled delightedly at their wonderful performance.

But I never questioned how did they manage to stay so perfectly in sync..... but many scientists did.

They discovered that instead of prior belief that they all interacted with each other, they each actually kept track of only seven of their feathery friends, thus being much easier to keep up with.
They naturally, instinctively knew that a smaller number was easier to manage, taking in the big picture would probably prove a little too overwhelming.

Maybe, we can do the same?

When we are faced with a seemingly impossible task or we want to reach out and grab hold of those dreams, then simply break it down, into small manageable steps, that individually seem more achievable.

Start with those little steps and the magnificence will follow....

Enjoy the flight.....
Danielle x
Your Mind Coach

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