Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'What gets you hopping??

Do you ever feel that life is... 
'one step forward and two steps back'?
I know I have.
So, what did you do next?
Did you continue or give up? I guess most of us have done both at some time or other.
What made you choose to do so, the times you went forward? Was it a necessity or simply a mindset?

What I mean is...we have all heard the analogy, 'is the glass half full or half empty'?

Studies show that people that have more success, have so, primarily because of their mind frame.In other words, they look at the world in a positive way, presuming that they will always get where they are going eventually. It's just about perseverance, determination and an end goal in mind.

I was watching a documentary lately, feeling a little down in the dumps, when I received some much needed inspiration to continue with my goal, from the most unlikely little creatures.
Little creatures that believe in never giving up, that believe every set back just gets you that little bit closer. That instead of looking at it as the 'glass half empty' or 'one step forward, two steps back', they instead see it a different way.
They choose to see it as 'one step back, two steps forward'.
And guess what?.... It works!
They eventually get to their desired destination.
I choose to now believe this also....just like those incredibly spirited Rock-hopper Penguins.
And eventually they do get to the top (-:
Maybe, we all need a little bit of 'rock-hopper' inspiration sometimes.....I know I did.
So.....'Hop' on!
Danielle x

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